10 Frequently Asked Questions About Facials And Facial Treatments (part 1)

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 Facials.
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We often receive numerous questions from first time clients about facials and facial treatments. There is a lot of misinformation about what facials are used for and what they can and cannot help you with. I hope that this FAQ on Facials will help you clarify the definition of what is a facial and also help you better understand about what to expect when you do schedule a facial. This is the part 1 of 2 parts series on facials

Here are 10 most frequently asked questions and answers about facials:

1. What is a facial?

A facial is a family of skin treatments for the face that includes steam, exfoliation, extractions, creams, lotions facial masks, peels, and massage. Used for general skin health. Wikipedia

2. What does a facial do for the skin?

A facial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish to skin to promote a clear, well hydrated skin.

3. Are there things a facial CANNOT do for the skin?

Yes! A facial cannot:

  • Eliminate acne
  • Permanently fade discoloration
  • Treat Rosacea
  • Lift sagging skin
  • Eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes
  • Replace cosmetic corrective procedures such as Botox

4. Are there different facials for different skin types?

Yes. Before any facial is performed the aesthetician should have you fill out paper work. The questionnaire will let the aesthetician know such things as; medications you are taking, the products you use on your skin, recent procedures (e.g. injections, peels, laser) you have had on your face and what your biggest concern is with your skin. The information you provide will be discussed with the aesthetician.

Before the facial begins the aesthetician will perform a skin assessment to determine your skin type. After your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, mature, dehydrated) has been determined the products used in your facial will be appropriate for your skin type.

5. How do you choose the right place to do your facial?

It can be intimidating to trust your face, in the hands of a stranger. When trying to find a spa or clinic to do your facial do your homework.

  • At the very least the person doing the facial must be a qualified aesthetician.
  • The spa or clinic must be clean, professional, and have you fill out a questionnaire before anything is done.
  • Read the Google Reviews for the spa/clinic.
  • Ask your friends and family where they go, are they happy/unhappy with the spa/clinic.
  • You want the aesthetician to be a skin specialist, not a hairdresser who also does facials.
  • Ask who will be doing your facial? How long have they been doing facials?
  • Ask where the aesthetician was trained?

You can ask the aesthetician after the questionnaire has been completed and after she has had a brief look at your skin, what kind of facial she will be doing? Ask her why she has chosen that facial? She should say “based on your skin type and your concerns ….”. But if she says you get to choose, or based on the price you want to pay…this is not what you want to hear.

Regardless of the price you are willing to pay, your facial MUST be designed for your skin type. Not done based on price or leaving it up to you to decide.

6. Do all spas or clinics offer the same facials?

No. The facials from one spa to another will differ depending on the line of products they are using in the facial treatment. Every product line will have their own unique features, ways of performing the facial depending on the protocol of the product line. But, with that said every facial, regardless of the product line that is being used will include; a questionnaire, a skin evaluation, cleansing, steam (depending on the skin the skin type), exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), massage (if appropriate), mask, and skin care advice.

7. How many facials will I need before I see an improvement?

Regardless of the type of facial you do, or the product line being used, a facial will only cleanse, hydrate, purify, promote a clear skin. A facial is a relaxing, pampering experience and will not treat a condition such as acne or rosacea (see #3 above). A facial is a healthy procedure for the skin but will not “cure” a skin. If you have one of the conditions mentioned above (#3) you need either medical intervention or advanced treatments found in “MediSpa’s”.

8. Can a facial treat acne, acne scars, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation?

No. When you have a condition such as the ones mentioned above a facial will not treat or correct those problems. When you have an issue with the skin (see #3 above) you require medical intervention. To treat the issues mentioned in #3 above, you require either medication or medical grade product and services, which a facial is not.

9. Are there facials for men?

Men definitely do have facials but I would not say there are different facials for a man. The men would need a skin assessment just like the ladies and their facial would be designed based on their skin type, just as like the ladies.

10. Are there natural/organic facials?

Yes, depending on the product line being used for the facial. There are product lines that promote the fact that they are all natural and organic.

Next week will be part 2 of this facial Blog “The Steps of a Facial Described”. Part 2 will describe each phase/step of a facial, the function of that step and the benefit to the skin that each step provides.

I hope you found this article on facials relevant. If you have any questions about facials or other skin treatments, I invite you to contact us at our Montreal medispa clinic. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker is considered to be one of Montreal’s top experts in skin analysis and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Lorie has been featured and quoted as an acknowledged expert on medical esthetics in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on Global's "This Morning Live" television show, and CJAD's "Health Show”.
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Lorie Docker

Author: Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker is considered to be one of Montreal’s top experts in skin analysis and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Lorie has been featured and quoted as an acknowledged expert on medical esthetics in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on Global’s “This Morning Live” television show, and CJAD’s “Health Show”.