How to find the best laser hair removal clinic in Montreal?

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 Laser Hair Removal.
laser hair removal clinic in montreal

How do you find the BEST Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Montreal?

Fall is a great time to begin a Laser Hair Removal treatment. Where do you begin? With so many enterprises offering laser hair removal how do you choose the best laser hair removal clinic that is right for you? What do you need to know? What do you need to ask?

The following article provides valuable questions and answers that will give you all the information you need to begin your search. Use it as your guide and hopefully it will help you avoid the pitfalls some people encounter with laser hair removal clinics in Montreal.

How to choose a laser hair removal clinic?

Choose the clinic very carefully. Take your time finding the clinic that you feel will best suit you. Not all clinics are the same, not all lasers are the same, there is a huge variance in the experience and skill of the technician.

  • Narrow your search down to 3 reputable clinics. Choose clinics with good reviews. Read the reviews and see what people are saying about the clinic.
  • If you know someone who has done laser hair removal ask them about their experience and results. Good or bad their input is invaluable.
  • Schedule a laser hair removal consultation with 3 clinics before doing any treatment
  • Call the 3 clinics and get a feel for how helpful and knowledgeable the front desk staff are.
  • Ask some basic questions over the phone; what type of laser is being used? Who will do the treatment? See below for more valuable questions.
  • Do not base your decision on the price of the treatment or the location of the clinic (close to work).

Prepare a list of questions

The following are the questions that you need to ask during the consultation. If you feel the technician was unsure of her responses or could not answer some of your questions, this is a very bad sign. If on the other hand all your questions are confidently answered and explanations are given this is a very good sign.

I have given you the answers to the questions. I can assure you the answers are accurate. If the clinic does not answer the questions accurately it is a red flag. They may be inexperienced, unqualified or both.

1. What type of laser is being used? (Diode, Alexandrite, Nd:YAG, IPL (not laser))

The type of laser being used is crucial in your decision. If your skin is light and hair is dark a Diode or Alexandrite would be great choices. If you have a lot of color on your skin a Nd:YAG  is an excellent choice. IPL is not laser and in my opinion your results will be better with a laser.

2. What are the qualifications of the technician?

In Canada, there are no set standards for a laser technician. No training is required and unfortunately there are many very unqualified inexperienced technicians working in the industry. Inquire about the years of experience and credentials of the technician and will this technician be doing all your treatments?

3. How long has the laser hair removal clinic been in business?

You want to go to a laser hair removal clinic with a long standing reputation. A place that has been in business for a long time and a staff that is both qualified and passionate to help their clients get the desired results.

4. How many clients have they treated?

Is your hair and skin suitable for laser hair removal? The hair needs color, the darker the hair the better. Grey, blonde and red hair are not treatable with laser hair removal. The lighter the skin the better. But with that said skin with color can have laser hair removal treatments with a suitable laser and very experienced technician. Ensure the technician looks at the site you wish to treat.

5. What kind of results can you expect?

How many treatments will it take? The average number of treatments with the Light Sheer – Diode is 4 to 6 for at least an 80% reduction. That is for someone with light skin and dark hair.

6. What will the cost be?

The cost of the laser hair removal treatment is important but should not be the deciding factor.

7. How painful is the treatment?

The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping the skin. It’s not pleasant, but I would say it is more uncomfortable than painful. The darker and courser the hair the more intense the feeling.

8. What are the side effects?

The skin will have a little redness like a sun burn. Around the hair follicle there will be some swelling.

9. Is there anything I must careful with or avoid after a laser hair removal session?

Yes, avoid excessive heat, on your site for at least 24 to 48 hours. Avoid sun exposure on your treatment site for the duration of your laser treatments.

10. What can I do to remove the hair between treatments?

You can ONLY shave. No waxing, tweezing or threading. The hair in the hair follicle is the target for all laser hair removal devices. Waxing, threading and tweezing removes the hair from the follicle and thus removing the target.

11. Does the hair have to shaved before a treatment?

Yes. Regardless of the site, visible hair needs to be shaved as short as possible. Otherwise it is on top of the skin serving as a target for the laser energy bringing heat to the surface of the skin. You run a risk of a burn if the hair is not shaved before a laser hair removal treatment.

12. Is the laser machine owned or leased by the clinic?

This is a key question because not all clinics own their machines. When the clinic owns the machines it is only their staff that use the laser. The laser is on the premise 100% of the time. When the laser is leased, the laser is delivered to the clinic on certain days (eg. Wednesday) and if you are not available on the day the laser is at the clinic you will miss a treatment. Also, that laser is being used and abused by many clinics and technicians. It is always being moved from one clinic to another. It is not what you want.

13. Is the laser serviced on a regular basis?

And if they say yes ask to see the sticker on the back of the laser which will indicate when it was last serviced. This is a very important factor. Many clinics do not have the laser serviced on a regular basis because of the expense. But if the laser is not being checked, regularly by a qualified service technician than you have no idea how well that laser is operating. The technician could set the laser at the proper settings but the laser may be firing to high (you get a burn) or too low and you do not get good results. Read more about the importance of continuous laser maintenance.

14. Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is “permanent hair reduction” not “permanent hair removal”. Be sure the technician is able to explain this to you. If the technician says it is “permanent hair removal” they are either not telling the truth or do not understand the difference. Permanent hair reduction is what you will have with laser hair removal. You will have a permanent reduction of hair in your treatment site. But you have to expect the occasional hair on your treatment site after the treatments are complete. This is normal.

Spending some time doing a little research to find the best laser hair removal clinic for you will really pay off in the end. There are so many clinics doing laser hair removal you can afford to be choosey. If you get a “bad feeling” during the consultation don’t disregard this. Also, if you go to a clinic and you get a really good feeling believe your instincts there as well. Choose wisely and you will see why so many people swear by laser hair removal treatments. It really is as good as people say.

I hope you found our FAQ about how to choose the best laser hair removal clinic in Montreal valuable. If you have any questions about laser hair removal treatments or other skin treatments we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and schedule a skin consultation session.

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Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker is considered to be one of Montreal’s top experts in skin analysis and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Lorie has been featured and quoted as an acknowledged expert on medical esthetics in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on Global's "This Morning Live" television show, and CJAD's "Health Show”.
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Lorie Docker

Author: Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker is considered to be one of Montreal’s top experts in skin analysis and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Lorie has been featured and quoted as an acknowledged expert on medical esthetics in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on Global's "This Morning Live" television show, and CJAD's "Health Show”.