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Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 Laser Hair Removal.
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Laser maintenance by the manufacturer is critical. The entire time I have been in business, 15 years, I have never been asked, during a consultation, if my laser is serviced/maintained on a regular basis. Never, has anyone asked me if there is mandatory laser maintenance requirements. My clients tend to be very well prepared, they have done their research and they come in with a list of questions, but servicing/maintaining the laser has never been one of them. You may ask yourself “does it really matter?” Would you own a car and not have regular service checks?

In the laser hair removal industry the majority of owners DO NOT service their lasers. The majority of laser hair removal clinics will only have the laser serviced once something has gone wrong. And, when the laser is serviced it is serviced NOT by the manufacturer, but by a rogue technician. If a laser clinic does not have the service contract the manufacturer will not supply the parts or the qualified technician to do the repair.

Laser maintenance is expensive, but required

Why would an owner not service the laser? They do it because the service contracts with the manufacturers are very, very expensive, almost $1000 a month, $12,000 year. The majority of laser hair removal clinics would rather save the money, and take their chances. I have always considered the service contract a cost of doing business.

In an earlier article I wrote about the danger of shopping for laser hair removal based solely on price. The service contract with the manufacturer will definitely add to the cost of your laser hair removal treatment. If the cost of the laser treatment is too good to be true, it may be because the laser clinic is not maintaining the laser. You should ask to see the sticker the qualified technician will put on the laser, or ask to see the latest service report the technician leaves after he has serviced the machine.

Sometimes the manufacturer will refuse to provide service to a laser hair removal clinic. I know of a clinic that was refused service by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s technician was being called to the laser clinic every week for a repair on the laser. He asked one of the laser technicians why there were so many repairs required to the laser machine and she told him that when they know the owner is going to fire them they sabotage the laser machine. Now this laser hair removal clinic either does not repair their laser or they have a rogue technician trying to fix it with random, miscellaneous parts from his tool box.

Don’t be fooled, when for example, you see the laser clinic has a Light Sheer Laser. The outside of the laser may say “Light Sheer” but the inside might be junk… car parts. What is the point of having a Ferrari with a go cart engine?

Laser maintenance influences your laser hair removal treatment results

Laser maintenance is very important because it is a vital component of your safe, effective laser hair removal treatment. When the laser is serviced by the manufacturer the technician has a check list of things he inspects when he services the laser. For example, he will ensure the laser is calibrated. When the laser is calibrated it means that the laser is firing correctly for the energy level the machine is set for. The laser is not firing too high or too low. This is a huge factor for your safety and for the effectiveness of your treatment. If the laser is firing too low, you may not get the results or it will take many more treatments than it should. If the laser is firing to high, you may get burnt. Another component, for example, that the technician will check is the cooling system. You need an efficient cooling system for a safe treatment.

During a service call if the technician see’s that something needs replacing, he will replace it. He will replace the part with a new, (in my case) Light Sheer part. If any aspect of the laser has been improved a laser machine with a service contract will receive the new upgrade. A laser that is serviced by the manufacturer will actually be the laser you think it is. It is efficient, reliable and truly the laser machine the name on the outside says it is.

The laser machine is computerised. As you know, things can go wrong with a computer. Again when the laser is serviced by the manufacturer the computer operations are verified to be performing as they should.

Inquire about laser maintenance ahead of your next treatment

When searching for your laser hair removal clinic don’t be shy to demand to see the laser clinics service report and service sticker on the laser. Laser hair removal clinics operating without the manufacturers service contract is a dirty little secret no unethical laser clinic wants you to know about. All laser hair removal clinics will try to make you believe they are doing everything they can to give you a safe and efficient treatment. In most cases their real priority is making as much money as possible, and cutting corners by avoiding proper laser maintenance in order to make that happen.

Next week’s article will discuss the different signs indicating a sun damage?

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Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker is considered to be one of Montreal’s top experts in skin analysis and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Lorie has been featured and quoted as an acknowledged expert on medical esthetics in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on Global's "This Morning Live" television show, and CJAD's "Health Show”.
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Lorie Docker

Author: Lorie Docker

Lorie Docker is considered to be one of Montreal’s top experts in skin analysis and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Lorie has been featured and quoted as an acknowledged expert on medical esthetics in several newspaper articles, and has appeared on Global’s “This Morning Live” television show, and CJAD’s “Health Show”.