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who should i choose to do a Green Peel?

Notice we say “Who”, not “which clinic”, because it’s not the CLINIC or a chain that does your Green Peel, it’s an INDIVIDUAL.

The questions you must ask are :

1. Is this person a qualified esthetician?

2. Do they have a certificate proving they have been trained to do the Green Peel?

Remember – just because someone is an esthetician does NOT mean they can do the Green Peel! It is a highly sophisticated technique, AN ADVANCED PEELING TECHNIQUE that requires intense, thorough training if it is going to produce results and, more importantly, not cause problems or harm to the client’s skin. So if you go to a clinic purporting to have Green Peel, ask to see the certificate. And just as important note the date they were trained. The company that makes the Green Peel requires everyone who uses it to be trained and they provide a dated certificate at the completion of training to everyone. So if someone tries to tell you they are trained INSIST on seeing their certificate.

The Consultation

  • Before doing the Green Peel you are supposed to have a consultation. This is critical. And usually this is a separate appointment because to do the Green Peel you need to follow a certain regimen beforehand. If someone tries to do the Green Peel the same day after your consult, beware and be careful. If they try and do the Green Peel WITHOUT a consultation, avoid that clinic AT ALL COST.
  • And again, the person doing the consultation must first be a trained esthetician and secondly should be a certified Green Peel technician with some years of experience. So again insist to see their certificate before doing the consultation and also note the date they were trained. Some clinics will use pressure tactics to get you to “sign up” for Green Peel (or laser) treatments. We NEVER pressure anyone in the consultation, absolutely NEVER, and we have turned away many clients or recommended alternatives, if we felt they should not be doing a particular treatment. Unfortunately we are the exception in the laser hair removal and Green Peel business.

Why MediSpa Jouvence?

  • At our clinic you KNOW who will do your treatment – Lorie Docker an esthetician with 12 years of esthetics experience. At laser chains you don’t know who will do your treatment.
  • Lorie Docker is:
    1. The ONLY Quebec esthetician trained IN GERMANY
    2. The ONLY Quebec esthetician personally trained by DR. SCHRAMMEK (Owner and the daughter of developer of Green Peel)
    3. The ONLY Quebec esthetician certified to train the Green Peel
    4. The MOST EXPERIENCED Green Peel esthetician in Quebec
    5. Doing Green Peel since 2002
    6. Over 4,000 Green Peel treatments conducted
    7. Holder of a certificate to train estheticians in Green Peel
    8. Former National Trainer for Green Peel in Canada

It’s experience that counts. Experience to spot potential problems; to use the right formula; to recommend the right products pre and post treatment. Also it’s not everyone who can benefit from a Green Peel. For some it would be dangerous; for others a cheaper solution might work. It takes experience not only to avoid problems but to ensure the best possible outcome. Check our testimonials to see what clients say about us. We guarantee ALL our testimonials are REAL. Unlike some, we do not publish made-up testimonials.

Along the same vein, we are extremely ethical and we sometimes will refuse to do the Green Peel if there are contraindications, or even if the client would benefit just as well from a less expensive treatment. We know full well that some other clinics/chains do not do this.

Our so called “Competition”, And NEW Green Peel Clinics

Very recently a lot of NEW Green Peel clinics have sprung up all around Montreal including laser clinics/chains. They have only started doing Green Peels since November 2009!

We have been doing them for 8 years!

Some chains will typically only train a few estheticians because it’s costly to train, and they pay per student so they often only train one esthetician per location. Make sure the person you actually see is the esthetician who has actually done the training and also check the date on the certificate to see how much experience they have. Note that if they were trained only a few months ago they will actually have almost no experience! At our clinic you don’t have these worries.

Just because a chain has a “name” and advertises, or is well known, for example, for laser hair removal, does not mean they are a good clinic to do Green Peel, particularly if they have little or no experience.

There are some aestheticians working out of their basement or offering to do treatments in your home; they cannot and do not use the required equipment such as a steamer in such an environment. Some are offering a “Tupperware Party” deal – offering to do several Green Peels for several people all at the same time. This is poor practice. One is telling people they don’t need a post facial treatment! No matter what cheap price they quote you, don’t for one moment think you are getting a proper Green Peel treatment. To put it bluntly, these people are scamming you.


Even though we are by far the most experienced, the best clinic in Montreal, with a proven track record over 8 years and thousands of satisfied clients, we still do not charge excessively. We charge fairly for good, quality service by an experienced esthetician with 8 years of Green Peel experience who will give you the best possible result and safely.

There are some Green Peel estheticians working out of hair salons or doing treatments in your home. They are often not following the proper treatment. They may well be “cheap” but cheap is what you will get, and maybe an unsafe, ineffective treatment.

A trick some clinics are using – they are quoting a price for the Green Peel but they are not including the post treatment (5 day) facial which you MUST have anyway! Our price includes everything you are supposed to have with a proper Green Peel – The consultation, the Green Peel treatment, AND the post facial/follow up (5 days after).

Just like most things in life, you can buy cheap or you can spend a little more for quality and safety. You should not compromise safety when dealing with your skin, particularly your face. You may well be sorry you did.

You have to consider this: would you rather have a “cheap” treatment with an unqualified esthetician with little or no Green Peel experience or would you rather pay a little more and have the best, have a good result and have a safe result?


Call us for a free consultation – but first go and see our competition.

Ask to see their certificates; just don't be pressured to sign up; come and see us after – then you decide. It’s your face!