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Frequently Asked Questions about Peels

Q. Why should I peel my skin?

Only when you get rid of dead skin on you face will your beautiful new skin be revealed. The glue that holds dead skin onto our faces was once soft but hardens as we age, preventing oxygen, moisture and nutrients from reaching your living skin. The truth is a child loses dead skin everyday. With the help of peeling agents, we can mimic a child’s skin.

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Q. Will peels make my skin more sensitive to sunlight?

Yes. It is important to always use sun protection when undergoing peels.

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Q. Will peels make my skin look younger?

Yes. Because the rate of cell renewal slows as we age, it is very important to assist the skin by supplementing its natural peeling process. Removing dead cells from the skin’s surface not only makes the skin appear fresh and healthy, it stimulates new cell regeneration.

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Q. Why do you not perform IPL at MediSpa Jouvence (MSJ)?

We do not do IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) at MSJ. We never have and never will. Feedback I’ve received about IPL:

  • Most clinics will downplay both the discomfort and side effects.
  • It’s expensive
  • It can burn treatment sights due to high settings
  • Post IPL hypopigmentation (Note: It’s almost impossible to put pigment back into the skin)
  • Skin is red and swollen after treatment
  • Longer than expected recovery
  • For the cost, marginal or no improvement
  • More hyperpigmentation after treatment than before treatment

I’ve watched IPL over the years and was never impressed with it. The feedback I’ve received from my clients who have done IPL has never been particularly positive. The vast majority of my clients were unhappy with the results, the cost and they were expecting so much more from all the promises made. At MSJ, I will only do treatments I can stand behind. Personally, I feel that IPL is over rated.

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