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Facials and Advanced Para-medical Facial Treatments

Facials treatments at MediSpa Jouvence in Montreal. All our facials are performed after a skin analysis has been completed. Upon determining the skin type we are able to determine the appropriate products to be used in the facial. We recommend facials for everyone at the change of the seasons and a month or two after a skin peel.

A facial will take at least 1 ½ hours and sometimes 2 hours. All facials will have 5 key components:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Extractions
  • Massage (not for acne)
  • Mask

At MediSpa Jouvence we use the Schrammek skin care line and the occasional product from the Biophora skin care line.

An example of some the products used in the Schrammek line are: Deep Pore Cleanser, Super Soft Cleanser, Herbal Care Lotion, Gel Super Purifant, Enzyme Exfoliator, and Balancing Mask. In the Biophora skin care line we will often use the Freeze Mask and sometimes the Enzyme exfoliating mask.

Our highly trained technicians and skin assessment specialists

The technicians are all skin assessment specialists, so our facials are designed for your specific skin type. It is critical that your facial treatment be designed specifically for your unique skin type; otherwise, it will not be effective. It’s important the technician has the knowledge to analyze your skin properly and diagnose the best facial and the best selection of products that will work effectively for you.

MediSpa Jouvence also specializes in other non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as Glycolic Chemical Peels and Green Peels also known as Green Herbal Peels. For more information about our various treatments and how they can be applied to your unique situation we invite you to contact us today.

If you have any questions about Facials or other skin treatments, we invite you to contact our clinic. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.