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Green Peel ® Herbal Peeling Treatment Montreal

Green Peel ® Herbal Green Peel ® treatment was developed by Dr Christine Schrammek-Drussio, a German dermatologist, over 35 years ago. Today it is used in over 40 countries around the world, including most European countries and the United States and Canada.

MediSpa Jouvence is the only authorized Green Peel ® and Herbal Peeling clinic in Montreal. A Green Peel ® treatment enables you to develop new facial skin in just 5 days!

The Herbal Green Peel® system is:

  • Natural
  • Medically developed
  • Plant and herb based
  • Worldwide successfully applied peeling method used for over 30 years

Green Peel ® produces real results!

Check out the Green Peel before and after shots to the right. Contact us for more information about this treatment.

Green Peel ® is used to treat the following skin issues:

  • Wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin
  • Skin impurities, acne and enlarged pores
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Skin discoloration
  • Stretch marks
  • Loss of skin elasticity to upper arms, thighs and belly
  • Cellulite
  • General skin rejuvenation and regeneration of poorly circulated and tired skin

Contrary to other peeling methods, Green Peel® does not contain harmful chemical substances or synthetic abrasives and Green Peel® herbs do not cause burning or tears if they come into contact with the eyes.

How Green Peel® works

Green Peel® - Herbal Deep Peeling Treatment consists of a special blend of plants and natural herbs. In contrast to other exfoliating creams or methods, it does not contain any chemicals or synthetic peeling agents.

Green Peel® increases the blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper epidermal layers to peel off. The stimulated blood circulation intensifies metabolism and promotes healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

It is perfectly safe and has no side effects. If the herbal preparation should inadvertently come into contact with the eyes, it will not cause them to sting or water.

How does the skin peel work when no chemical substances are used?

When the Green Peel® compound is massaged into your skin, the herbs' own micro particles lightly polish the upper layers of skin (epidermis removal). Other active ingredients in the herbal preparation also penetrate the skin where they are absorbed by the cutis within 48 hours. Once absorbed they release valuable, natural active substances such as vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients into the skin. The absorbed active substances increase the blood circulation of the skin and cause the upper epidermal layers to peel off. The stimulated blood circulation intensifies metabolism and promotes healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

How does the skin look after the Green Peel® treatment?

After the Green Peel ® treatment, the skin may be red and slight irritated similar to a mild sunburn may be experienced.

Three to four days later the exfoliated skin begins falling away. During this time you can work normally and should not need to take time off.

On the fourth or fifth day, a follow-up treatment takes place. Your MediSpa Jouvence professional will, if necessary, massage and use a rich active preparation on the new skin, which is now very absorbent. There is no redness on the resurfaced skin. The complexion is considerably improved—fresh, clear and radiant.

Contact Montreal’s premier skin peels treatments and Green Peel® Montreal clinic today for an unparalleled attention to safety and quality service.