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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Montreal

Using patented LightSheer technology and performed by highly qualified medical technicians, our state-of-the-art laser will rid you of unwanted hair forever. Note that our treatments are totally safe, because unlike other centres, every client sees a qualified laser hair removal montreal medical aesthetician to ensure the best approach.

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Check out the Office de la Protection du Consommateur for complaints registered against various well known laser clinics.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal safe?

A trained nurse will give thousands of injections and not cause harm. The same applies to technicians who are properly trained in safe laser hair removal.

So yes, it is safe when performed by technicians who are trained and experienced as they are at MediSpa Jouvence.

At MediSpa Jouvence, safety is in fact our utmost priority and we go to great lengths to ensure your treatments are safe.

This, importantly, includes an interview with the Director of Medical Esthetics who will assess your skin type and hair to determine exactly how you should be treated. She will also ensure that your medical history and current medical situation do not contraindicate use of laser. Other clinics do not always do this but we always do. We will not hesitate to advise you against having laser treatments if necessary (unlikely to happen but always possible e.g. if you are pregnant, using certain photosensitive medications, etc.).

This is one reason your treatments are safe.

We wish to advise those seeking a laser hair removal clinic to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that the technicians who do their treatment are well trained and properly certified. Some clinics give their technicians a few day's training and let them loose. At our clinic, we see patients every week who have been to such clinics where they have been burned by inexperienced technicians. At MediSpa Jouvence this will never happen to you because our technicians have the highest standards of training in Montreal.

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Will the laser treat dark skin or tanned skin?

Dark skinned womanYes, our laser very effectively treats dark and tanned skin because it is the most modern up-to-date laser in the world. Some lasers at some other clinics are old technology lasers that cannot treat darker or tanned skin. It's important you know that some unscrupulous clinics will tell you that they can treat dark or tanned skin, whereas they can't because they have these particular types of older lasers.

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Why are some clinics cheaper?

  • There are some clinics that offer very cheap prices. They are able to do this for several reasons:They have an older laser with outdated technology that cost them less to buy. But you need many more treatments with such lasers to be become hair free. And you pay PER TREATMENT - so you end up paying MUCH MORE.
  • They have untrained or inexperienced technicians who they pay less. Because they are untrained or inexperienced, they do not have the knowledge to set the laser correctly for maximum efficiency without burning, so they are told by the manager to put the settings on the laser very low all the time. But if the settings are too low, the treatment is not effective! And you will be told to keep coming back many times. Again, you pay PER TREATMENT and you end up paying much more than you should.

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How can some clinics offer guarantees?

To be honest and frank, there can never realistically be any guarantees.

Based on our knowledge of hair growth, we know that even after you complete your laser treatments, there may still be hair follicles that were not disabled during your treatments. The laser only disables follicles where there is a growing hair. If there was never a hair in that follicle at the time of treatment, or the hair was not in the growth stage, that particular hair follicle will not be disabled. While all or most follicles are disabled with our 4-5 treatments, a few of these aforementioned follicles will not, and so you may get a very few sporadic hairs later. Also, some diseases and medications can actually stimulate new hair growth. We cannot guarantee your future health or what medications you may take, so we cannot, of course, guarantee there will be absolutely no hair in the future.

So we do not like to mislead our clients by giving false guarantees there will be absolutely no hair growth, but you can be assured that with our treatments, most of our clients will not have hair growth, and, if there is growth, it will be very sporadic and, of course, will be easily treated.

Other clinics may offer a "guarantee" but then they cover themselves in terms of what it might cost them later to treat you again, by charging higher prices or, more commonly, by having you come for treatments many more times than is necessary. Again the price is per treatment and it will cost you much more money than you would have paid at a clinic like MediSpa Jouvence! Patients have come to us after being treated at other clinics 10-15 times - no exaggeration! They really only needed 4-5 treatments done properly.

Other clinics will offer you a package price for all treatments but they will surely charge you much more than you need to pay.

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How many treatments will it take?

We have heard horror stories of patients who finally discovered us after having 7, 8, 10 treatments elsewhere and who still had hair! One major chain in Montreal tells its clients they will need an average of 7-8 treatments.

At our clinic, we have the best laser in latest technology laser (LightShere Diode) operated by trained, experienced technicians, so that you will only need 4-5 treatments to have 80% or more of the follicles treated.

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Is laser hair removal painful?

No, you will feel a little prickling but it is not painful. It feels like an elastic band snapping on the skin.

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How does it compare to Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is much more expensive, because you need to go for many, many treatments over, sometimes, literally years of treatments. Although some electrolysis machines are not old, it is an old or outdated technology. By the time you are finished using electrolysis, you will have paid many more times the cost of using laser!

Electrolysis is also often very painful whereas, our laser is not at all painful.

Electrolysis is also very time consuming. For an upper lip, for example, you may need hours of treatments whereas, our laser will take just a few minutes!

It may take literally years to do large areas with electrolysis, whereas laser will take just a few months.

Electrolysis   Laser
  1. One follicle at a time
  2. Very time consuming
  3. Painful
  4. Old/outdated way to remove hair
  1. Thousands of follicles per treatment
  2. Very time/cost effective
  3. No pain, just a little discomfort
  4. Most advanced method of hair removal

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Will the laser leave any marks or redness after the treatment?

You may have temporary redness for an hour or two afterwards, but it soon disappears.

Sometimes, there is "Peri follicular edema" (slight swelling around the pores) but this too is very temporary and soon disappears.

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Who will do my laser treatments?

After your consultation, only extremely qualified, trained, and experienced technicians will do your treatments. It is important to note that all our laser technicians are trained and qualified skin analysis specialists - an absolute necessity for safe and effective treatments.

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Does MediSpa Jouvence treat men as well as women?

ManYes, more and more men are now getting hair removal done and many of our clients are men. They typically want to have hair removed from their neck, back or chest. Some of our clients are body builders who like to have all the hair removed from their entire body. Swimmers and cyclists also use our services.

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What should I look for in a good laser clinic?

  1. The most advanced laser technology the "LightShere Diode" laser.
  2. A laser that can treat you in 4-5 treatments (LightShere Diode laser).
  3. Experienced, trained and certified technicians.
  4. A clean, professional clinic.
  5. A clinic that follows rigorous safety procedures with properly trained staff.

You will find all this at MediSpa Jouvence, but not always at other clinics. We invite you check around and ask some tough questions on the above and then come and see us!

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